Omg!! Guys This Is Too Hot! See Actress Toyin Aimakhu S*xy New Photos as She Rocks Blonde Hair (Photos)

Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu has sent fans going wild with her latest sultry and sizzling look as she rocks blonde hair.

Toyin Aimakhu looks totally hot in these new photos
Wow! Pretty actress, Toyin Aimakhu is absolutely looking hot and s*xy in these new set of photos shared on social media as she rocks blonde hair.
The celebrity actress took to Instagram to show off her latest new look and everyone is going crazy over it. She looks totally new and inspiring after a fierce relationship battle. She is totally gorgeous in this new look.

Don't Allow $ex To End Your Relationship: Watch How Two-week-old Marriage Collapsed Over S*x Position

A man has accused the wife of starving him of s*x as she has refused to perform his favourite s*x positions in bed leading to a quarrel.
A marriage could be over just two weeks after the couple married just because of s*x position. The man is threatening fire and brimstone for the wife's refusal to perform his required s*x positions during their honeymoon.

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According to AdomOnline, Emmanuel Owusu, and his thirty-five year old wife, Hannah Owusu has not been in the best of relationship since they returned from the honeymoon. The man revealed that he has been s*xually starved since the wife informed him that she is pregnant. 
The wife is accusing the man of neglecting his responsibilities while the husband has accused the wife of refusing to perform his preferred s*x positions during their honeymoon.
Hannah alleges her husband got angry when she told him she had conceived, as the man suggested the marriage was too young for babies.
What shocked Hannah, she said was "when myhusband told me my mother performs better in bed than me".
Though the two live under the same roof, they hardly talk to each other.
Emmanuel has refused to provide money for the woman’s upkeep, after accusing her of failure to perform her marital duties, including cooking and cleaning of their home. After calls for his family to intervene in the matter, Hannah decided to break his silence on Nhyira FM’s OBRA magazine show.


Can Our President Continue? Buhari's Chance of Healing May Be Slim - Father Mbaka Finally Speaks on the President's Ailment

Fiery man of God, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has revealed a vision he saw over president Muhammadu Buhari's health status and it is not good at all.
President Muhammadu Buhari
While speaking in one of his church programmes, the Spiritual Director, ‎Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, AMEN, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has disclosed his recent vision concerning President Muhammadu Buhari’s ailment, stating that several efforts he made to reach people close to Buhari over the vision had remained unsuccessful as they refused picking his calls.
The fiery cleric who spoke on the president's ailment, declared that his chances of recovery may be slim but that with the prayer of the members of the congregation, he would receive healing, adding that there were some people who were not happy that Buhari was alive.
While narrating the vision which he saw before the president’s present trip to London, he said:
“Such people hate everything about the President. His health was in a bad shape and he was asking that (Fr Mbaka) should pray for him. None among the people I have called, picked my calls.
“People think I speak with Buhari everyday. When people climb into power, they are dazed. It is a long dream. Our job is to pray for him but there are things that he must do and there is no way to communicate it to him”, Fr. Mbaka said.
He, therefore, asked the congregation to stand up and lift their hands up as he began to pray for the health and healing of President Buhari.
While concluding the prayer, he said “I want the enemies to see our President shining, prospering and moving majestically in glory. The chances of his healing may be little but now with our prayers and faith, the chances of his coming out is high.
“The spiritual energy with which we make this prayer is enormous that it shall do this for us. If you are ready for testimony, my God is ready with miracles.”
Nigerians are expecting the President, who has been away on a medical vacation, back to the country, tomorrow (Sunday).

Read His Confession: I Stole and Sold My Mom's Gold Jewelleries, Hawked Moi-moi in Asaba - Singer, Humblesmith

In a tell-it-all new interview, Osinachi music crooner, Humblesmith, has revealed how he stole his mother's gold jewelleries to pay for studio sessions as well as being called a moi-moi seller in the streets of Asaba in Delta state.

One of Nigeria's fast rising Afro-pop artiste, Ekene Ijemba, popularly known by his stage name as Humblesmith, who recently released a new single featuring 2nite entertainment act, Flavour, in an interview with Vanguard, has made some shocking revelations about his family background, childhood, music career, and the music industry.
Below are excerpts from the chat;
On his journey so far:
I was born and brought up in Ebonyi State. Music started for me when I was a kid, it actually runs in the family. My mother is a good singer; she is a chorister in the church, most times she sang at home, likewise other members of my family. Everything my mom does goes with music, at times, if she wants to talk to you she talks with music. 
All these and more got me inspired. Also, I usually listened to Bright Chimezie and his contemporaries, so at a point music just became a part of me. I started out as a dancer in 1996; I was part of a group called American Boys, we used to dance, sing and act. After my secondary education, I decided to relocate to Delta State to pursue my music career, my parents refused but I insisted. 
Though before then, I had done some other things that made them finally support my decision. I partook in the first-ever Star Quest competition, I came second and I won a big flat screen TV. When I got back home with the TV and the crowd that accompanied me, my parents were overjoyed. It was at that point they knew that I was really bent on doing music. So when I insisted I was relocating to Asaba in Delta state, they just had to support me.
On survival after relocating to Delta:
After my relocation to Delta State, things were so rough for me. When I was still with my parents, I was known as a moi-moi seller. I and my siblings hawked moi-moi on the streets, that was how my parents were able to train eight children through primary and secondary school. 
When I first got to Asaba I had to study the environment to understand the terrain and know what works and what doesn’t. I just had to think of a legit way to fend for myself because I had nobody to help me out there. I hustled on the streets of Asaba, I made trending shoes, sandals, slippers, and belts and sold them to students and workers just to make some money to pursue my music career and equally fend for myself. I remembered that when I was in secondary school, I was the drama director, so I formed a drama group, wrote scripts that portrayed current happenings in the society. 
I would then go to discuss with the principal of various secondary schools to allow us stage our play for students to watch after paying a small amount of money. I also used to do menial jobs like bricklaying, carrying sand and blocks. Wherever I see construction work going on, I will go there and beg to work with them for daily pay. Also, if I see a bushy compound I will approach the owner and offer to clear the grasses for an amount of money. I hustled seriously on the streets to survive; it got to a point that I opened a video rental shop in Asaba. I stole and sold my mom’s gold to pay for my first studio session, but I later confessed and apologized to her, promising to buy her more than what I stole in the nearest future.

Is Big Brother Africa Now a P.orn Show? Watch as Nudity & S*x Heats Up in Big Brother UK as Housemates Continue their Sizzling Romance (Video)

The steamy s*x romp with Big Brother UK housemate, Laura Carter and her partner, Marco Pierre Jr, hasn't changed as still photos captured from television show the couple having the best times of their lives.
The pair in the shower making hot love
We had reported it few days ago that at the ongoing Big Brother UK reality television show, 21-year-old British model, Laura Carter, set the social media on fire when she was engaged in a steamy s*x scene with fellow house-mate, Marco Pierre Junior.
The couple have taken their sizzling romance in the television show to a whole new level as still photos captured show the pair having the best times of their lives as they engage in explosive s*x sessions.
See more photos below;

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Watch And See How He Died! 65-year-old Man Dies While Watching Horror Movie

Residents of a town are still in shock after news circulated that a 65-year-old man dropped dead while watching horror movie at a cinema.
A shocking incident has claimed the life of a 65-year-old Indian man. The man died while watching a horror movie in a cinema theatre in Tiruvannamalai Town on Thursday night.
Times of India reports that two persons, both native of Andhra Pradesh, had gone to watch the night show of the newly released horror movie - The Conjuring 2 - in Sri Balasubramaniar Cinemas in the town.
It was while watching the climax of the movie, one of them complained of chest pain and fainted. He was rushed to the Old Government Hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead.
The police are yet to start investigation into the matter.

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God Have Mercy! Pastor Arrested on His Wedding Day for Impregnating and Killing a 17-year-old Girl

A randy pastor who ran away and opened a new church after impregnating a 17-year-old church member and murdering her, has been arrested on his wedding day.

A randy pastor has been arrested on his wedding day after police investigation revealed that he allegedly impregnated a schoolgirl and later killed her after she refused to abort the baby. 
The incident happened in Kenya but the pastor identified as Charles Nyachwara was arrested in Uganda after he escaped to the country and started a new church. 
According to Standard, the pastor impregnated the 17-year-old who was a Sunday school teacher at the Pastor's church and was already five months pregnant before the pastor stabbed her to death after he had threatened her to abort the pregnancy and she refused. 
After stabbing the girl to death, he was arraigned at the Kitale Law Court where he was charged with murder and released on bond.
However, the pastor ran away after his release on bond to Tanzania but didn't stay long there as he later entered Uganda where he changed his citizenship and opened a new church.
However, luck ran out on him after the Kenyan police and the Ugandan police collaborated and fished him out. He was arrested last week as he prepared to wed his fiancee. He has been arrested and taken back to Kenya and will soon appear in court for murder charges.

These Guys Are Wicked!! Chinese Man Arrested in Lagos Attempting to Assassinate His Nigerian Business Associate (Photo)

A Chinese man who wanted to eliminate his business partner has been arrested in Lagos after paying N1.4 million to the assassins.
A Chinese man identified as Sun Hun was arrested on Friday by men of the Nigerian Police in Lagos Island after he allegedly recruited mercenaries to assassinate his Nigerian business partner.
According to The Nation, Hun was arrested in Lagos Island after police operatives nabbed one Chika Eze, whom he paid N1.4 million to hire killers. Eze was given the money by Hun to hire assassins to murder his unnamed business associate. They were nabbed while taking oath of secrecy.
Confessing to the crime, Eze said the Chinese discussed the cost of the assassination with the other two guys, adding that his role was to get killers and pay them.
“He is my boss. He told me to arrange boys to kill his business partner who is owing him. He discussed the amount with them and then gave me N1.4 million. I have already given them N400,000 that was why the police found one million Naira on me,” said Eze.
But, the Hun, an importer of footwear, refuted Eze's claim and said he only told Eze to recruit boys who will do “juju” against the man. Explaining why he wanted his business associate dead, Hun revealed that the man owed him N4million.
“He refused to pay my money. Instead he went to court when I was not around and claimed that I was owing him N10 million. He got judgment against me and the court said I should pay.

“He is an Igbo man and I did not ask them to kill him. I told them to do juju for the man,” said Hun.
Confirming the arrest, the state Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, urged residents to adopt peaceful approach to conflict resolution.
Owoseni said: “The Chinese national had a misunderstanding with his Nigerian business partner and he thought the best way to resolve it was to assassinate the Nigerian. He recruited a fellow and paid him N1.4million to get boys to kill the other man.

”While his co-accused was trying to recruit the others and getting them to take an oath, the police got information and arrested them. We also recovered one million out of the N1.4million which will be used as exhibit. Further investigation will be carried out on the matter.”

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Shocking Incident! Watch How a Community Lynch Father to Death for Killing His Daughter's Boyfriend

A man has been beaten and burnt alive after he used a machete on the daughter's boyfriend he warned to stay away from her.
Illustrative photo
A man has been lynched to death in Kirima Village in Ndaragwa area of Kenya after he killed an 18-year-old boy for allegedly cohabiting with his daughter. Standard reports that the 58-year-old man was lynched by an angry mob and his house torched. 
It was gathered that the man identified as Joseph Macharia hated the idea of his daughter having a boyfriend let alone co-habiting with him. He warned the young man to keep off his daughter but he refused. 
Things took a new turn yesterday when the man reportedly found the daughter with the boy and he attacked him with a panga (machete). 
A residents identified as Grace Nyokabi revealed that the boy was hacked in the head after his girlfriend fled. "The man woke up in the morning and found the two and suspected that they had spent the night together. It was then that he started insulting the boy and an exchange of words ensued," said Grace Nyokabi.
Ms Nyokabi said that after a moment, Macharia went to his house and came back with the panga."A fight ensued, forcing the girl to flee. It was after that that he hacked the boy in the head," she said.
Nyokabi said the young man died as he was being taken to hospital. Angry residents then turned on Macharia, whom they beat to death. "They beat him up and later burnt him using old tyres. They later burnt his house out of anger," she said. 
But speaking on the matter, Nyandarua County Commissioner Samuel Wamiti said that the teenager had gone to steal from the man's house when he was killed and lambasted the residents for taking law into their own hands.
"This is unfortunate since initial investigations indicate that the boy had gone to steal although there are other unconfirmed claims. The residents should have waited for the police to carry out investigations," he said. The two bodies were moved to Nyahururu District Hospital mortuary.

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Buhari Now at Work!! EFCC Reveals Shocking Place Looters Now Hide Their Money

Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu has made a shocking revelation of the new tactics by looters and where they now hide their loots.
Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Friday, made a shocking revelation that looters now have abandoned hiding their money in banks. The commission revealed that looters now have resorted to hide their stolen loots in their abandoned properties and uncompleted buildings.
This was revealed by the acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, at a workshop titled, the ‘Role of Professionals in the Fight Against Corruption’ in Abuja.
Magu said, “People are now scared of keeping monies in banks, as it can be traced easily. Monies are now kept in abandoned houses in the country.”
He urged the bureau de change operators and financial institutions to desist from being used by looters and begged them to use every means possible to expose those ruining the country.
According to him, "BDCs move billions of naira in a day and there is no proper documentation of money laundered. I appeal to the BDCs to stop that, as we will begin to prosecute bureau de change operators to serve as deterrent. Bankers are also involved in corrupt acts, as they don’t carry out due diligence.’’
He added, “Instead of conniving with people to launder the proceeds of corruption, I beg you to join hands with the EFCC to fight corruption.

“Many professionals celebrate criminality by doing a lot to foster corruption, which adds more to money laundering. I don’t intend to criticise the work of professionals, but to solicit their support in order to make Nigeria better for the younger generation.’’
Speaking further, the EFCC boss further revealed that the commission would soon be going after accounting firms that collaborate with bankers to steal government funds as it says it will leave no stone unturned.

This Happened Today! Jealous Husband Locks Wife Inside House, Beats and Stabs Her to Death (Video)

A jealous and heartless husband has locked his wife inside the house and mercilessly beat her before stabbing her to death.
Body of the woman stabbed to death by her husband
A jealous man has killed his wife after locking her inside room and beating her mercilessly before stabbing her to death. He later turned the knife on himself. The incident happened in Kiganjo Estate in Thika area of Kenya. 
Standard reports that the man identified as George Njenga Chege, 40, picked a quarrel with his wife Joyce Wangari, 32, on Wednesday evening which degenerated into a fight. He locked her inside the room and assaulted her.
Neighbours said spirited attempts to plead with the couple to open the door, which was locked from inside, fell on deaf ears. "We heard the couple fighting but at first dismissed it since that was normal for them. However, when we realised the man was about to kill his wife, we mobilised young men to break into the room," said Penninah Wambui, a community policing representative in the area. 
However, it was too late as they found Wangari lying dead on the floor. The suspect was seated quietly next to the body while holding a kitchen knife in his hand. But, things took a different turn when just minutes later, the man took the knife and stabbed himself severally in a bid to kill himself. But, he survived and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Residents said the couple who had been married for more than three years had separated about three months ago. The woman was living alone with her three-year old daughter. "Even though they have been separated, the man has been frequenting the house. Many of his visits have however been marked by violence and endless dispute. He used to always beat up his wife a lot when he visited," said a neighbour.
The man was said to have been arrested a week ago after he allegedly threatened to stab his wife only for him to be released after she withdrew the complaint. At the time of the tragedy, the couple's three-year-old daughter, who is now under the custody of her aunt, was away in a nearby kindergarten. 
"Despite the fact that her husband mistreated and often beat her up, Wangari loved him very much which explains why she always welcomed him to her house even after they had separated. I wish she had never allowed him back since such a thing would not have happened," said Florence Mueni, a neighbour. 
The man was taken to at Thika Level 5 Hospital while the body was taken to General Kago Funeral Home. Thika West District Administration Police Commandant Samuel Obonyo said the man would face murder charges once he fully recuperates. "It is a very tragic occurrence.

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May God Save Our Women!! See How a Wicked Mother Cut Her Pregnant Daughter's Throat for Marrying Against Her Wish (Video)

A heartless mother has brutally slit the throat of her pregnant daughter for going against the wishes of her family.
A Pakistani mother has been arrested by the police after she brutally murdered her pregnant daughter by slitting her throat. Police says the woman killed her daughter for marrying against the wishes of the family. 
According to the AFP, local police official, Arshad Mahamood said on Saturday that the mother and her son slit the throat of 22-year-old Muqadas Tofeeq in the village of Butrawala in Punjab province. Tofeeq was the mother of a 10-month-old infant.
They lured her to her parental home before she was killed on Friday. Her husband, Mohammed Tofeeq reported the murder. The incident has left shockwaves in the community.
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